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Persian Food

I had a friend take me to eat Persian Food this past weekend… ever since I have been craving their saffron rice and rice with barberries.. wonder where I can find those.  Also good was BBQ chicken kabob – they called it Chicken Barg.  It’s not a name I think will catch on or even sounds inviting, but the chicken was so tender I could not believe it!  And flavor!  Yummy!  If you live or visit Corona, CA do stop in at Kabob Hutt at the 15 Freeway and Main Street (just north of the Freeway).  It does not look like much from the outside, but the food is delicious and if you have time to chat with a friend you don’t even mind that the preparation is a little slow.

Recipes welcome – or if you know of good links with recipes feel free to post them here.

I did do a search and came across a great site with step by step rice cooking (Persian style)  It is worth reading and following.  I still need to hunt down the Saffron!  So far my grocery stores do not carry it!  Strange huh?